Pups and People

People say that pets are very similar to their owners. You always see the pictures. Chubby bull dog chilling on couch in front of TV with chubby man. Thin poodle with model in heels and fluffy hair. Okay, so maybe I got that last one from a cartoon, but whatever. Now that I have a puppy of my own, I understand how true that statement is and how much my pup reflects back to me my own life. Even down to her freckles. I feel like she is me in furry miniature. She gets destructive when she’s bored. She overwhelms people with her affections. She’s very vocal and chatty and loves making goofy noises. She wants to meet everyone. She’s not always the best listener. She gets distracted easily. She prefers being outside. She loves to dig in the dirt.

She’s boisterous and passionate about her toys. Sometimes she annoys people with how much noise she makes. She even has long legs and a slender frame. If I can love my puppy for all of her qualities, then perhaps I should extend the same love to myself.


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