The Daily Grind

  1. I don’t mind people reading my writing, just as long as it’s not over my shoulder.
  2. For whatever reason, I don’t like writing in front of people. I just feel so…exposed.
  3. Have you ever noticed how many signs say “Don’t”? Don’t do this, don’t do that. How about you tell us what we CAN do, thanks!
  4. I have a disorder known as restless plane syndrome. Ok, so that’s not actually a thing, but it’s true nonetheless. The excited anticipation of the end journey combined with the dull, cramped space of the plane seat and the drone of a thousand air conditioning funnels and engines makes me restless to either move or sleep.
  5. Each time I sea a baby sea turtle, the world suddenly fills with hope and the possibility of new life. I suppose this is the same feeling people have with babies, but quite honestly I have more experience with sea turtles.
  6. Did you sea what I did there? eh? eh?

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