The Daily Grind

  1. Some days are just so inspirational. It’s amazing! I haven’t felt this fired up in a very long time, like part of my soul is awakening.
  2. My puppy circles my bed like jaws in the morning, waiting to pounce the minute I move and she realizes I’m awake to take her outside. I can hear the theme song playing now…dunuh! dunuh!…dunuhdunuhdunuh…!
  3. I might be slightly more than a little obsessed with my puppy. She has trained me well.
  4. There’s nothing more precious than a cool morning in Texas.
  5. Sea glass is a wonderful metaphor for life. The sand burns and is churned and rolled over and swallowed up by the ocean and struck by lightning and crushed by the endless pounding of time. Then it rebuilds and reforms and rolls together and smoothes over into this beautiful crystalline masterpiece. I hear that cliche all the time, but it amazes me how true the statement is: every beautiful thing in life starts from something else being destroyed.

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