The Daily Grind

  1. In this day and age of mobile technology, I wonder when the concept of wireless will overtake the bra industry as well. Hopefully very soon.
  2. I am a person who wants to do everything all at once. The harsh reality that I am, in fact, only one person and can only do so much is a hard pill to swallow sometimes.
  3. No piece of paper, however important, is ever safe from me or my pen. In a moment of inspiration or writer’s need, I will inevitably forget that I needed that important and untarnished receipt and lay waste to it with words.
  4. I do not want greatness but I do want the greatest version of myself I can possibly find.
  5. I wonder what would happen if everyone just took a moment to breathe while stuck in traffic. I wonder how many fewer wrecks there would be.

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