New Year Intention 2016

I don’t believe in resolutions, but I do believe in intention setting and manifestation. My intention for 2016 is to cultivate balance and equanimity in my life. Balance between work and play, between what feeds my soul and what feeds my belly. Balance between movement and stillness. Balance between pushing myself to succeed and backing off myself when I need extra kindness. Balance between focusing on the present and keeping an eye towards the future. The middle ground between extremes. Grounded roots with flying wings. The balancing point where strength and compassion meet and the scales are even. The balance between taking a leap of faith and remembering to bring a parachute for the jump. The balance between intellect and intuition, between heart and mind, mind and body. And yes, the balance between too much guacamole and not enough of it! So here’s to the new year ahead, may it be beautiful and real, full of balance and positive change.

What’s your new year’s intention? Not goal, not something to lose, do better, or achieve, but just something sweet, kind and positive for yourself that you’d like to see manifest over the next year? Perhaps it’s to find healing, or to find balance in life, or to no longer feel afraid to commit. Pick something abstract and love yourself for the next year as you journey with that thought. Feel free to leave a comment below, too!


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