The Daily Grind

  1. I shop so rarely that, after my recent trip to the outlet mall, my credit card got shut down for suspected fraud.
  2. Some days, I like to mess with the automatic spell corrector on my computer. Oddment, blubber, nitwitserstan, tweatserwhatsit, snarfugglescheizer, blergalergathon. Correct those, computer. I dare you.
  3. For those of you who have spent the last several minutes trying to figure out what those words mean, I made most of them up. Though, it would be cool to discover they meant something in some language…perhaps German? Oh well, guess I won’t ever know, because silly autocorrector doesn’t automatically speak German.
  4. Silly autocorrector.
  5. Every time I drink a beer, I redefine the term lightweight.

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