The Daily Grind

  1. On a 3-day, mostly vegan retreat, all I could meditate on was hamburgers. And pepperoni rolls. Oh god, my mouth is drooling!
  2. Someone started shooting guns on the adjacent property at the retreat and I just wanted to shout to my vegetarian compatriots that they were probably just shooting fluffy little bunny rabbits.
  3. Not that I want fluffy bunny rabbits to die. I like fluffy bunnies. But I also just really love a good joke.
  4. The best way to break the silence of a meditation retreat is to squeal when falling flat on your face in front of everyone. Well, at least I couldn’t feel that pain in my butt anymore.
  5. Pretty sure I’m one of the few people in the world who could leave a meditation retreat with battle scars. Let’s just say I fought a crack in the pavement and lost.
  6. Meditation is not for the faint of heart. But I guess neither is walking, and even babies manage that.

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