Sometimes the only way to release fear is to die. To die to our old patterns, our old habits, our old perceptions of life, stress, reality and success. To be a phoenix – we burn the old self away to make room for a brighter one.

It’s a scary thing, to die. Or at least it feels that way when it stands as an impending threat, a doom, hovering over your head like a rain cloud in a cartoon. But once on the other side, it almost seems necessary.

You see more clearly. Your life before the break. Before the great change. Before the cosmic shift that brought you from across the chasm to where you stand now. You see more clearly than ever your old habits, thoughts, patterns that held you bound. The distance between it all. The vastness of everything.

It gives you perspective, but a giant question still remains.

What do you do with all that perspective? When you can see all of time and space and the oneness of everything, how do you narrow it down?

Getting a little philosophical today. The simple truth is there’s probably no right answer.

But it’s still worth asking the question.


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