Throwback to Recovery: Yoga Post Heart Surgery

For those of you who have followed along, this has been a very tough year for me. Seems like most of life can be like that, really. As I’ve struggled to define both who I am in my “new” body with my new limitations, and how I want to maintain that presence online, I’ve teeter-tottered back and forth between websites, trying to more clearly define things. Experimenting, as usual, until I find what sits right in my heart and my gut.

I’ve decided to keep Search for the Perhaps as my heart blog. The place where I can really bare my soul and let my thoughts tumble out onto the screen where they may hopefully be of benefit both to myself and others.

I’ve decided, based on feedback and professional need, to keep my professional front, with a more business-like purpose and goal designed to aid my freelance clients.

As such, I’m moving a lot of older blog posts from to search for the perhaps over the next few weeks. Reposting them to hopefully renew and refresh their purpose and relevancy. To give them a better place in my more spiritual blog home.

So here you go, the first throwback from February 10th of this year:

After having a defibrillator implanted (aka heart surgery) just a few weeks ago, I needed a gentle yoga sequence and easy yoga practice more than ever. I needed a simple yoga practice I could do after heart surgery that would help with my self healing process.

My practice is very simple, and my body still has several physical limitations/doctor imposed limitations. This is the practice I did when I wasn’t allowed to raise my left arm higher than my shoulder, twist, put weight on my hands, or lift more than 5lbs.

I’m sharing it in the hopes that it can inspire you to find a way to practice yoga – even when it seems impossibly difficult. There is ALWAYS something we can do, no matter how basic a yoga posture feels. There is a part of ourselves that remains unbroken. And this is the part that ultimately triumphs.


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