Happy Birthday to Me

Well would you look at that…against all the odds, I made it to 30. Today is the day, and happy birthday to me.

I’ll never understand the people who complain about turning 30, or who have some sort of life crisis about leaving their twenties. To me, 30 is an accomplishment, like I’ve suddenly leveled up.

I’ve faced down demons to get here. Crossed continents and battled fiercely and crashed into the waves of life over and over again and in general had one helluva good time doing it all. And guess what? I’m still here.

And I’m freaking 30 biznatches!!!!!

So no tears, no regrets. Good riddance to the brutal coming-of-age and discovering myself that encompassed my twenties. It’s been real, and now it’s really time to move on. Thanks to everyone who helped me make it this far!

Now onto the next phase of never growing up.

May it be sweet and full of cake.


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