The Daily Grind


  1. When I was 5 years old, my dad told me that “um” – a word I used frequently – wasn’t in the dictionary. So I wrote it in. That’s what I call self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes, we literally have to write our own destinies.
  2. I believe that laughter is the best medicine. Aside from community and the awareness that, no matter how broken we feel, there is ALWAYS something we are capable of doing.
  3. Words are both my superpower and my safety net. They catch me when all else fails and sometimes fail me when I need them most.
  4. I love to experiment, to attempt, to try new things, explore new ideas and fail spectacularly and often.
  5. This site is an experiment, a compilation, an attempt to bring a sense of unity to my playful and exploratory and random life and lay it on the table for you. So that, perhaps, by bringing it all together into this one space, my life can have a greater meaning – that of helping YOU. Through yoga and writing – my two primary sources of offering.
  6. This site is an expression of the belief that maybe, just maybe, the insight, knowledge and experiences I have to offer can serve more than just my own benefit. Maybe they can be of benefit to others. Maybe I can pass on the wisdom gained from all the people who have blessed and inspired my life and pay it forward in my own small way.
  7. I hope, after exploring this site, you feel inspired. Uplifted. Motivated. Not to do more, but just to more fully inhabit yourself and all that you already do. 

So be well, be yourself, and above all – just be. 


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