Day 4 of gratitude

For day 4 of #23daysofgratitude, I’m thankful for my fiance – this kind, patient, steadfast man.

This man who sat by my side in the hospital and held my hand through a 5 day coma, never knowing whether or not I’d ever wake up.

This man who helped me when I got stuck in my t-shirt because I couldn’t lift my arm after heart surgery.

This man who has patiently stood by me through all the anger, confusion, depression and illness of this past year.

He should get a freakin olympic medal y’all.

Death has already parted us once. We’ve already seen sickness and health, better and worse, richer and poorer. The vows that we’re saying next week have already been tried and tested.

We’ve been through hell and heaven together already. And there’s no one else I’d rather face it all with.

There’s so much more I could say – about how grateful I am that you hold me to a higher standard and make me a better person, about how, just by being you, you’ve taught me so much.

But for now I’ll just say I’m thankful for you, I’m excited for next week, and I’m not quite sure where I went right in my failure-filled life to have a love like yours, but I’m incredibly thankful for it ❤️


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