Day 5 of Gratitude

So you may have noticed, but I’m catching up on sharing these on the blog today. Been sharing them on my personal social media sites, and completely forgot to add til now! But now I’m back on track with day 5…

For day 5 of #23daysofgratitude, I’m grateful for cheesy dance songs that get you through life.

For the music and the movement that keeps me motivated and grooving. From the pre-professional ballet and performance that enthralled me in my younger years to the 80s dance nights that kept me moving even after surgeries prevented me from doing ballet anymore.

It’s not just about the act of dancing, but the friends, goofiness and community that go with it.

So today, groove to the drumbeat in your own head, blast a terrible 90s boyband song too loudly in your car and embarrass yourself by dancing exuberantly at a stoplight, use your hairbrush as a microphone or Tom Cruise slide in your socks or something completely, fabulously ridiculous and let’s celebrate this thing called life 😎


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