Day 8 of gratitude

In a previous gratitude post, I gave thanks for my wonderful community. For today’s post, day 8 of #23daysofgratitude , I want to give thanks for moments or periods of solitude and loneliness. For times of withdrawal and reflection.

Whether it was the single years, the devastating breakups, or my time adrift across the world, these moments for simmering, for exploring my own ideas, beliefs, truths, values and soul, deepened and enriched my life in ways I’m not sure I could begin to explain.

They were simultaneously some of the darkest yet most preciously beautiful times of my life.

As much as I love people, as much as I cherish times of togetherness and my relationship, there is at least a 10% part of myself that still just loves being alone in the wilderness. Solitude brings thought, bravery, courage, love and clarity. It is the perfect petri dish for forming life – so today I’m grateful for all those little moments I spent alone.


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