Gratitude Update

The past week or so, I’ve been in full swing wedding mode. It’s been quite a whirlwind – what with doing the whole thing DIY and all the family in town and then our little “mini-moon” two day getaway afterwards, I feel like I’m just now catching up. But I can now happily say that I’m married to a wonderful man and that, while I’m no expert on the topic, the first week of marriage has been great so far!

And between all the celebration and the cake, this past week I’ve just been living the grateful life more so than writing about it. So I’m tremendously thankful for the past week. For the joy and the laughter, fpr the cheesy dance party and all the family that came together from all over the country to support us and show their love.

I’m tremendously grateful for our “mini-moon” as well. What we’ve dubbed our tiny getaway celebration as we look forward to taking our “full moon” honeymoon next year. It’s been a tough year for both of us, so having the opportunity to just get away and enjoy each others’ company was a wonderful miracle beyond words. Relaxing and adventurous in equal measure.

There’s never any telling what the future holds, but this week I’m so thankful for the gift of the present. So I’m just gonna relish in that for a bit.


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