Gratitude Day 20

For day 20 of #23daysofgratitude, I’m thankful for being less than one year out from cardiac shenanigans and, from what I hear, being light years ahead of your average cardiac patient in terms of recovery and capabilities. As far behind and frustrated and slow as I’ve felt, apparently many of the things I’m doing people don’t regain for at least several years.

Like bouldering
And handstands
And yoga in general
And hiking
And kayaking
And mowing my lawn
And occasionally riding my bike
And shoveling compost

I have such a push yourself to the limits mentality that I guess I take for granted sometimes how far ahead of the curve I am with certain things…

Even if I still feel exhausted after all those things. Even if I still feel nowhere near 100%.

So today I’m grateful for pushing limits. For flipping the bird to anyone who ever tries to tell you what you’re capable of because they have no idea. I’m thankful for viewing edges as a challenge and for try trying again and again and again. And I’m thankful for my friends and community who helped me pick myself up, time and time again.

Can I please also thank yoga and meditation a little bit for that?

Now please enjoy this real footage of me from this past year wobbling my way back 😂


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