Hey y’all and welcome! My name is Lauren Bringle and I discovered the practice of yoga in 2005, when back injuries and muscle issues forced me to endure weeks of intensive physical therapy, massages and muscle spasms with seemingly no end in sight. My doctor recommended that I try yoga, and thus my 10-year-and-counting love affair with the practice began. After my first month of practice, all the knots that once lined my spine disappeared and I was sleeping better than I had ever slept in my life. I was hooked and my feet were set on a path that guided me to greater health, happiness and opportunity than I ever imagined existed.

After years of rigorous ballet training on track to become a professional, I suffered a series of knee injuries that left my ballet career devastated and my future uncertain. Yoga stepped in and offered a wealth of healing of both mind and body. With experience using yoga to recover from personal back and knee injuries, several intensive rounds of physical therapy, a background in Pilates training and time spent as a Medical Assistant assisting with spinal procedures in a health clinic, I have a deeply personal understanding of what it means to find health through movement.

I love taking people on a journey from doubt and injury to empowerment through yoga, by enabling them to realize how much their bodies and minds are capable of. Come join me in my health-exploration!

Lauren Bringle is a 500-Hour Dharma Yoga and Practice Yoga Austin Certified Yoga Teacher and writer based in Austin, Texas. She has taught at several studios in the Austin, Texas area, including Dharma Yoga, Yoga Black Lagoon, Sanctuary Yoga, UT RecSports, 24 Hour Fitness, and FX Fit and her teaching has taken her as far as Costa Rica.

Her writing has been featured in Be Yoga Pure, Conscious Connections Magazine, and her blog Breaking Up has received national attention as a feature on Lauren’s teachings are also available online through the YogaTX YouTube Channel.

To connect with Lauren, or to ask general questions about life and it’s tireless amounts of adventure, contact Lauren by completing the form below, and be sure to check out her NEW website


Do you want to start a yoga practice but have no idea where to begin? Have you taken a yoga class before and felt lost and confused – like you had no idea what was going on? If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, this book is for you! Through humor, stories from her own practice, good ole fashioned practical tips, and over 2.5 hours worth of online video guides and content, the author guides readers through the fundamentals of a basic yoga practice. In this book geared towards beginner yoga practitioners, learn how to, step by step, set up and practice a set of basic yoga poses.

The author, Lauren Bringle, has been practicing and teaching yoga for 11 years and has over 500 hours of yoga teaching certifications. Through simple, direct and kind descriptions, she can help guide you to setting up your own, best yoga practice. Start your yoga journey now with this easy-to-follow guide!


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